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Regular classes

Mon, Wed & Fri

Ashtanga Yoga at Ibiza, Spain


Ashtanga Yoga

or Private


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(0034) 971 33 4708


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Ashtanga is a vigorous and energetic form of yoga, where you move from pose to pose continuously and dynamically.

The Ashtanga practice combines the Vinyasa flow practice, using the ujjayi breathing (breath control: a powerful and audible breath in which muscles around the rib cage are used, instead of the diaphragm), mula and uddiyana bandha (pelvic floor and abdominal muscles lifted and contracted, creating strength and sending energy through the body), and drishti (focused gazing). This enhances concentration and self awareness while aligning the body, the mind and the spirit.

Ashtanga, the dynamic form of Hatha Yoga, is also a great physical therapy and it is good for expanding the lungs. When doing this style of practice, people can learn to breathe deeper and better, with more energy, sending more oxygen to the brain and exhaling more carbon dioxide (co2). The breath is Ashtanga's mantra.

When practicing Ashtanga yoga you increase stamina and strength, improve flexibility, muscle tone, and joint mobility, unifying your mind, body, and spirit and helping relaxation, something often missing in our daily lives.